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If vaccine is not available, corona will continue to spread
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US economy uncertain global

 village impact

The impact of confirming

death announcement is not

by Richard Ahn /columnist 

If a corona19 treatment vaccine is not available, confirmation and
death will continue to spread.

Corona 19 'is likely to have a serious negative impact, said Jerome
Powell, chairman of the Federal Reserve, the head of the US economy.

In addition, if the US economy does not recover, the world economy
will also suffer.

The solution to this problem is to eradicate the Corona 19 virus,

If the US economy goes down, China, Korea, and Japan will be most affected.

Chairman Jerome noted that the U.S. economy has entered a downturn, ``
downturn '' in an unprecedented situation.

It is said that it is entering a new level of uncertainty that is
truly unpredictable.

It is very complicated to predict the future, only the virus can answer.

Chairman Jerome Powell's remarks are analyzed to reveal his concerns
as an economic head of the United States in that the unemployment in
the job market has not seen a clear path to economic recovery in
recent years .

Many economists believe that the Fed, the federal government, and the
federal council will have no choice but to implement `` stimulus
measures '' that continue until economic uncertainty is removed .

The most problematic issue of this 'Corona 19' is that the
unpredictable 'opacity' of the economy has increased . Analysis.

In response, President Donald Trump is known to express opposition to
the contents of the support plan, such as "extending unemployment
benefits," which can act as a way to slow people's return to work .

Larry Cuddle, chairman of the White House National Economic Committee,
also made a vigilant statement about the excessive stimulus plan.

Chairman Larry Curdlow expressed that it would be desirable to provide
policy support to help businesses and other economic actors do their
job, saying that more government support would not lead to a stronger
and faster economic recovery .

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