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Creates record 8.3 million jobs U.S. unemployment rate hits record low at 1 million

Food prices soared, so common people refrain from eating out President Joe Biden, who has been working to create jobs since his inauguration, is focusing on fighting inflation that has soared in the Ukraine war. He is taking measures to bring prices down as a priority to stabilize inflation, one of the most troubling issues. The number of nonfarm payroll jobs in the U.S. last month was 428,000, well above the forecast. Hourly wages increased by 0.3% from the previous month and 5.5% from the same month of the previous year, respectively. In a statement,President Biden said in a statement that he has created 8.3 million jobs since he took office, creating a record number of jobs in the 15 months he took office. "It's only been three months lower." said

By Rich Tiger columnist

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