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Face off against New York Attorney General who is harassing Trump family Improper fines.

If over-investigation is revealed, James will be sued.

The New York State Prosecutor's Office filed a lawsuit against the prosecution in response to a request for a fine of $10,000 a day for refusing to submit documents to former President Donald Trump (pictured), raising various suspicions. New York State Attorney General Leticia James (pictured) asked a Manhattan court on the 7th to impose a fine for contempt of court, accusing former President Trump of refusing to submit business-related documents requested by prosecutors. New York State Attorneys said they were investigating allegations that the Trump family reduced the value of their real estate to pay less taxes and inflated the value of their assets in the process of taking out a bank loan. James said last week that he had "substantial evidence" that the Trump group has earned economic benefits when paying loans or taxes by misrepresenting real estate values ​​for more than a decade.

New York State prosecutors, who have been tracking the Trump family's real estate problem for nearly three years, obtained documents about a resort owned by the Trump group and Trump Tower in Chicago, and conducted an audit with Alan Weisselberg, former chief financial officer of the Trump group. More than 40 witnesses were interrogated, including Jeffrey McConney, who was in charge. However, former President Trump said that he could not cooperate with the investigation, saying that James, a member of the Democratic Party, was conducting the investigation unreasonably for political reasons. The former president had also challenged the courts against subpoenas sent by New York State prosecutors to him, his eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., and his eldest daughter, Ivan Carr.

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