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Moon Jae-in, Han Dong-hoon Don't pretend to be little presidents!

The attitude to be sure to stop the scrutiny is very dangerous

Don't pretend to be little president, it's not your country

Moon Jae-in, who was a close aide to the elected Yoon Seok-ryeol, criticized his criticism of the Justice Minister candidate Han Dong-hoon. He criticized the president, saying, “It is a matter of professional ethics and conscience for a candidate for the justice minister who will take charge of the scene to be careful and silent.” On the 26th, a candidate said, "The situation is about to pass legislation at the level of 'constitutional amendment', which is sure to cause great damage to the people due to the collapse of the crime response system, without a single public hearing." In response to this, in the JTBC 'Conversation: 5 Years of Moon Jae-in', which was broadcasted earlier, President Moon said to a candidate, "It is very inappropriate to use an expression that will definitely stop (check-up)," he said, "It is a very dangerous expression." criticized Also, when former anchor Sohn said, 'A candidate is talking about the cause of preventing harm to the people,' he said, "You shouldn't be comfortable talking about the people. To talk about the people, you have to really think about it a lot. He also pointed out that certain people cannot monopolize Korea's justice. One candidate said on the 13th that he was nominated for the Minister of Justice and said, "If the bill is passed, the people will suffer greatly, so any attempt to deal with the bill must be stopped." Then, on the way to the office of the personnel hearing preparation team at the Seoul High Prosecutor's Office on the 15th, he said, "The only thing that should be afraid of the prosecution, who does their job properly, is criminals." You will be curious,” he said, targeting the Democrats. The Democratic Party criticized Han for saying that only the prosecutor should investigate, saying that even if the police investigate, the criminal will not escape.

By Dong Soo Ahn,

Yankee Times USchosun

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