North Korean nuclear missiles are of the greatest concern to the international community

It is absolutely necessary to restore triangular climate control between

the US, Japan and Korea.

Biden's administration rejects Moon Jae-in's regime in North Korea, China.

The US and South Korean foreign ministers and defense ministers confirmed on the 18th that the North Korean nuclear and ballistic missile issue is the priority of the alliance,” and agreed that the two countries should pursue a coordinated strategy toward North Korea.

Secretary of State Tony Blincoln and Defense Minister Lloyd Austin reaffirmed the importance of the international community, including North Korea, in fully implementing the relevant UN Security Council resolutions in a joint statement of the US-Korea Foreign Affairs and Defense Ministers (2+2) meeting.

There was no direct mention of China here, but at the US-Japan meeting earlier, Minister Blincoln said to China, “Systematic erosion of Hong Kong's economy through coercion and aggressive actions, weakening Taiwan’s democracy, and human rights in Xinjiang and Tibet. He said it was violating, and it was asserting (territorial rights) in the South China Sea, which clearly violated international law.”

The two countries re-emphasized the fact that the United States and Korea are working together to create a free and open Indo-Pacific region through cooperation. This is a reaffirmation of the Korean government's existing position on the US Indo-Pacific strategy.

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