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Why is the media taking the side of prosecutors?

Mr. Yun Seok-ryeol sent two presidents to prison for his investigative power Korean prosecutors' collective action, requesting international organizations to oppose inspection

Yoon Seok-ryeol, holding the prosecutor's investigative power in both hands, arrested Park Geun-hye and Lee Myung-bak, and completely destroyed the power through a sentence of more than 26 years. And the court accepted this charge. The Korean prosecutors are using a magic trick to send both innocent and innocent people to prison. In advanced democracies such as the US, Japan, UK, Canada, etc., to prevent the vicious barking of prosecutors, the police dispersed the power to the police and the prosecution to indict. The public servants are imprisoned and intimidated by their weaknesses, and the media is faithful to this rhythm. The Supreme Prosecutor's Office said, "There is a serious violation of the independence and neutrality of the prosecution by pushing for a bill to completely abolish the prosecution's investigation function at the International Prosecutors' Association in The Hague, Netherlands. We requested necessary measures, such as a prompt review of the problem of concern and an announcement of a statement," he said. The International Prosecutor's Association is known as the world's only international prosecution body to which prosecutors from 177 countries around the world have joined. Its head is Chairman Hwang Cheol-gyu, a current South Korean prosecutor. He was elected as the president of the Busan High Prosecutors' Office in 2019 and is currently serving as the deputy chief prosecutor of the Daejeon High Prosecutor's Office. Prosecutors are doing their best to stop the inspection. Prosecutor General Kim Oh-soo attended the first subcommittee of the Legislative and Judiciary Committee of the National Assembly and criticized the failure of the inspection and had a battle with lawmakers from the Democratic Part


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